so i guess you could say i got me a little blog thingy... hmm

Monday, May 08, 2006

this is my third blog....

i only work until 7 today. im kind of upset. i have to wait here until about 8:30 so i can get my little ID thing-a-jig theyre gonna give me. i dont know what im going to do with the rest of my day. im getting a second job not only for the money, but i have to have something else to do. i cant just sit around or sleep all day.... all the time. uve been playing a whole lot of halo though. that can last only so long.

is david blane that cool cause he stayed in a bubble? i think i could have done that. the magic stuff he does is really good. i think he's an amazing artist when it comes to illusions and stuff but the whole water bubble thing doesnt impress me. ...sorry david.

now that i watch and listen to entirely too much news, ive come to the conclusion that the world is destined for death. everybody has something that causes cancer, or something thats gonna happen in 3 years. i dont know if that made sense, but the point of the story is people are worrying a lot about all kinds of things i didnt even know existed. many of you know... hahahahaha... from personal experience, that 30 years ago was much different. i wouldve liked that.

dont know if anyone reading this knows or remembers my friend ron from lakeland. he's mexican. ...american mexican.... whatever. anyway, he was my first friend in lakeland when i moved there. he joined the army and last thursday he got his official pilots licence. im pretty proud of him. he's going to boston or something, then to new york, then to germany and then to iraq. he said he probably wont be home for another year or 2. kinda sucks.... miss the guy.

so im done typing... theres only so long i can really sit here and enjoy the fact that im sitting at work and not getting paid. i hope everyone is doing well, and their day is even better.

chin up

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

this is my second blog

alright, so i figured out how to work this. took me a few miniutes but i have nothing else to do while i sit in the office and answer a phone. i figure danny and nancy will be the only ones to read my blog thus far. congrats, ive held your attention for this long. im gonna pretend im not talking to two people anymore, but to myself driving in a car without a radio.

this job isnt bad. the last hour of my day, 1p.m.- 2p.m., i answer the phones in the newsroom. sometimes i get bitchy people that have nothing to do better with their lives than call and criticize a local station, but then there are the calls like the one i just answered. the "tip guys" call in every now and then and somehow they just know whats going on. apparently there are about 5 or 6 dudes that call in here and there and always have some good tip to give us. so, in turn, we send a reporter. ...back to the topic... this dude calls in and says that an airplan is having engine problems at the airport and firetrucks are on the way. a few weeks ago a plane crashed into the airport killing a child instantly. it was all over the news here.

i just learned how to save a post as a draft.... by the way. the boss walked up. im sure he wouldnt care .... i dont know... anyway.

so thats what happened exciting today. o yeha, turns out the kid that died, my roomate was his afterschool teacher councelor thing where he works. ...small world.

this is my first blog.